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Renowned for his directorial prowess in the military epic "Act of Valor," Scott Waugh has been appointed as the captain of the ship for "The Expendables 4," slated for a 2015 premiere. Notably, Patrick Hughes, the director behind the third installment of the Expendables trilogy, as well as the mastermind behind "The Hitman’s Bodyguard" and "The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard," has gracefully stepped aside, making way for Waugh. Hughes had previously taken the reins of the third Expendables venture. In crafting the screenplay for this cinematic endeavor, Spenser Cohen, who also has a hand in shaping the film's narrative, joined forces with Max Adams, a seasoned collaborator with numerous film production studios in her illustrious career. The contributions of other directors were conspicuously absent during the screenplay's inception.

The production of "The Expendables 4" falls under the meticulous purview of Lionsgate, the film's distributor, along with Millennium Films and Vértice Cine. The latter studio publicly disclosed its involvement in August 2020. Subsequently, in September of the following year, in 2021, principal photography for the film commenced. By October 2021, Sylvester Stallone had taken to social media to announce the completion of his portion of the sequences for the movie.

The Ensemble:

- Jason Statham in the role of Lee Christmas

- 50 Cent

- Megan Fox

- Dolph Lundgren portraying Gunner Jensen

- Tony Jaa

- Iko Uwais, embodying Randy Couture

- Randy Couture as Toll Road

- Jacob Scipio

- Levy Tran

- Andy Garcia, cast as the CIA Agent

- Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross

- Caroline Wilde as the Bikini Girl

- Nicole Andrews as Charlie

- Sheila Shah as Mundy

- Lucy Newman-Williams as Russo

- Eddie Hall

- Cokey Falkow as the Bartender

- Mike Möller as Jumbo Shrimp

The Much-Anticipated Release:

Lionsgate has tentatively penciled in a 2022 release for "The Expendables 4," though finer details remain veiled in mystery. Per promotional materials, the movie's release date appears to be relatively unshaken by any significant shifts. In April 2022, official movie posters made their debut, while a tantalizing teaser trailer was exclusively previewed at CinemaCon in May of the same year. With any fortune, this promotional material will soon find its way to the eager eyes of the general public.


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